Manual configuration of the echolife hg520s

This guide is intended for those who prefer to configure their echolife router manually rather than running the connect & go cd. It is suggested that you should reset the router back to factory defaults before following the guide, though this is not essential

The guide will allow you to accomplish the following.

Note: The router updater from talktalk accomplishes some of these steps automatically, however it may be that either you do not need to or do not want to run the router updater, so I have included all necessary steps

Setting up the router for basic internet access

At this stage your router is setup to access the internet, though unsecurly. Next, we secure the router

Secure the echolife

In this section we will turn on the firewall, enable stateful packet inspection, and secure the router from access from the internet. If you intend to use port forwarding of any kind then you should leave SPI (stateful packet inspection) turned off. In that case it is essential that you use either ACL or telnet to secure the router.

At this point your router is configured correctly to work with the talktalk network and access to the web interface and other services has been restricted to your home computers. Enabling SPI actually renders the ACL or telnet commands redundant, as with SPI turned on no new connections are allowed to your machine. This does override port forwarding however, and since many people play online games, use p2p software such as bittorrent or host some kind of server on their home computers, it is reccomended that you use one of the two methods, if not both. You can use both with no adverse effects.

Echolife optimiser

In early 2008 after a number of complaints it was discovered that one of the default settings in the echolife conflicts with some versions of windows when streaming data from services such as iplayer and youtube. This causes the output to buffer regularly and is generally an annoyance. Without going into too much detail, the problem is that both the echolife and windows XP use a similar "cheat", as it were, to speed up file transfers. Unfortunatly these cheats conflict with each other, causing interuptions in streaming. Upon discovery of the fault two fixes were released. The official one, from Huawei, plus an unofficial version from talktalk forum administrator matt. Some people have reported problems running the Huawei version, if you experience problems then run the talktalk version. Both can be downloaded from here. The talktalk version has the advantage of running on multiple platforms.

If you choose to run the router updater note that it will change your setup from having a nailed up connection to disconnecting after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you prefer a nailed up connection, run the updater and then refer to the start of this guide for setting the router back to having a nailed up connection